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Home Improvement Guide Online!

Just posted the very first copy of the Eastern Shore’s Home Improvement Guide online… a week and a half before it’s due to hit shelves! Check it out!


Eastern Shore’s Home Improvement Guide

You know that deck you’ve been wanting to build for a while now? Or how about that brand new tile floor you’ve been thinking of installing? Look no further than the “Eastern Shore Home Improvement Guide”, one of our newest publications set to hit the shelves July 1st. The “Home Improvement Guide” will without a doubt become your source for enhancing the quality and value of your home. Decks and floors aren’t the only things contained in this full color 24-page publication. Lighting, fences, sun rooms, hardscapes, cleaning, pools as well as interior designers are just a few of the many services that are highlighted and offered throughout the “Home Improvement Guide”. Remember to grab your copy on July 1st!