What are Pantone colors?

  • Pantone color refers to the standard spot color system which is a set of premixed ink that is used in printing. Spot color is also used to match specific colors very closely.

What is CMYK color?

  • Process color is a method used to create thousands of colors using four or more standard inks. The colors used in four-color process are C=Cyan, M=Magenta, Y=Yellow and K=Black.

What is a PDF file?

  • Documents in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) preserve the exact look and content of the originals, complete with fonts and graphics and can be printed, distributed by email and shared and stored on network systems, including the internet, for others to use and view.

How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?

  • Most people are surprised at how well their job matches what they see. But because of wide differences in monitor calibration, some printed colors may not match exactly what is seen on the proof and what is printed.

Will it cost the same if I reorder my job?

  • Our design services are a one-time fee. If you reorder the exact same print job in the future without any changes made to it, there will not be a design charge. You will only pay the cost of printing and shipping.

How long does it take to get a proof of my job?

  • Quoted turnaround time starts only after all materials necessary to complete your order have been received. The initial proof varies per project and revisions of the proof take 24-48 hours.

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • Full color print jobs usually arrive ten (10) business days from the signed proof. One and two color jobs usually arrive within five (5) business days. We make every effort to print your order as quickly as possible. Production times are estimates and do not secure or guarantee a deadline unless otherwise specified.

Will I always receive the exact quantity I ordered?

  • Basically, yes, although “gang run” printing does have over-runs and under-runs. These will not exceed the five (5) percent specified in the contract.

What if I want to change something on my order after I have approved the proof?

  • Once your proof is approved, it has been sent to the printer. There is very little we can do about it at this point. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of the proofing process is on your part and urge you to do so carefully and thoroughly before approving your proof.

How do I view my proof?

  • We make every effort to send the proof via email in a PDF format. If the file is too large or you are unable to open it, we will find another means to provide you with the proof such as in-person, mail or fax.

What file formats do you prefer?

  • We work in Quark Xpress, InDesign, and Illustrator. We prefer tiff, eps, jpg, pdf, and word docs. We do not accept Publisher files.

How do I ensure that I will stay within my budget?

  • Before starting any project we put in writing exactly what will be done to complete the project. Once you are satisfied and approve this service agreement we will start working on your project. If additional requirements are needed for the project, then a new service agreement will be created outlining the additional services required. We make every effort to ensure that the initial quote we give you covers all the services you require.