3 Reasons For Professional Design

Printed promotional products, even in the technologically advanced world in which we live, are still one of the most effective means of conveying messages to customers. That being said, you should take great care in deciding by whom and how your promotional products are designed.  The difference between a professional looking design and an amateur design is clearly noticeable, especially to customers. By choosing to work with a professional graphic designer, you not only guarantee yourself a quality product, but the ease of mind that allowing a professional graphic designer to create your products brings:

1. Knowledge

    • You know your trade, and so do professional graphic designers. They know the ins and outs of the best software available, standards for printing, and can create your project quickly and efficiently; giving you time to run your business without worrying.

2. Great Design

    • Even if you own design software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, knowing how to use it to its full capacity, or even to do a simple project, may prove to be more hassle than it’s worth. By hiring a professional graphic designer, you ensure that the quality of your promotional product is at its absolute best and will make your company stand out from the rest.

3. Cost

    • Things should always be done right the first time. By hiring a professional graphic designer, you ensure that the utmost level of concern and attention to detail has been implemented in the designing of your product. Because a professional graphic designer will get things right the first time around, you’ll keep the money that you would’ve spent on alterations in your pocket, where it belongs.

Professional Logo Design

Logos are  your way of saying to the customer: this is my company, remember it. You want your logo to stand out from the rest and to be easily remembered; consistency is key.

Here’s a great article on why small businesses, or any businesses for that matter, should have their logo designed by professionals.

Check it out:  http://design.inkzoo.com/why-small-business-needs-a-logo-design-by-professionals/

It’s a bird, It’s a plane!

The 2011 OC Air Show comes flying into town this weekend, so be sure to check it out. The action in the sky is visible along the entirety of Ocean City, so don’t worry: you’ll always get good seating. There’s also exhibits set up (for those of us who love our gravity) between 12th and 20th street, as well as a main exhibit at the Inlet parking lot. Don’t forget the Saturday Night Beach Party! For more information, pick up the 2011 edition of “The Source”  and take a look at our article on page 55.

Don’t Get Lost This Weekend!

Coming to town this weekend for the 2011 OC Air Show? Then make sure you pick up an Area Map, located in the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, or various other locations throughout OC. You won’t be lost on our watch with our easy to read designed Map.


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