Good Design: Key to Success

Design is the key fundamental factor in conveying the right message to your customers. It’s the difference between “what can you do?” and “what can you do?”. With a simple change in how the raw information appears to the reader, the perception of that information changes drastically. Take these two images for example, both containing the exact same information, but designed and displayed completley different:


If somebody were to hand you the flyer on the left, in most cases you would give them a questioning look as if to say “really?” and then toss it into the nearest trash can; only recalling it to your friends later to let them know how awful it was. On the other hand, if somebody were to hand you the flyer on the right (let’s just say electronic music is what you listen to) you would take the time to look it over and most likely spare it’s fate from the trash can and carry it with you to wherever your final destination may be to share it with your friends.

The first scenario can be easily avoided, although in many cases it’s not. When something is designed with talent and skill  like that of the staff at Lynch Printing,  you’ll never have to worry about your customers getting the wrong signal from your business. Good design is the difference between sucess and failure.


About Lynch Printing, LLC

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