8 Creative Postcards

When used in direct mailing initiatives, postcards can be an extremley effective means of advertising to your current and future clients. Studies reveal that people engage longer and more positively with direct mail then they do with digital mail. Direct Mailings are a tangelble piece of marketing that is both effictive and an affordable way to stay in touch with both past clients and future prospects. Our 4.25”x6” postcards are printed on heavy 16pt glossy stock, with optional UV gloss available for one or both sides. They are the largest postcards that can be mailed at the postcard rate. Not only that, but we can even do the mailing for you!

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QR Codes and You

For those of you who may not know what QR code’s are, they’re those little black and white boxes you see on everything from containers of cereal to advertisements. They were originally used in the shipping industry by companies such as FedEx and UPS as an easy and efficient means of tracking packages. Each QR code is entirely unique, and when scanned, can provide specific information about, well, whatever the person who created it wants. Most new phones have QR scanning capabilities built-in, and can display the information provided by the code, usually in the form of some interactive media. QR codes have recently become a very popular item in advertising, and are an excellent way to track customer impressions, as well as provide a more engaging and in-depth experience for your customer/potential customer. If you hand out a flyer or poster, try putting a small QR code in the bottom corner; it’s popular enough that most people will know they can scan it with their smart phone, and will provide additional exposure to your message. There’s plenty of free resources to create your own QR Codes, so why not? Not all QR codes have to be this ugly though, check out some of these beautifully designed QR codes and tell us if you think using a QR Code would be to your advantage.

Advertising Essentials for Small Business

Next time you’re thinking of doing some advertising, here’s 6 points to keep in mind.


25 Creative Business Card Designs

Your business card is an extension of your company’s image.

When in the market for a new business card design, you should approach it thoughtfully. How do you want to represent yourself to possible customers, and, even more importantly, how can you make sure the customer remembers you? There’s probably a million different ways (and counting) of achieving this, but for now we’re going to look at 25 of the most creative business cards that were remembered, over and over and over. Feel free to reference any of these cards when you place an order, and remember the first 50 subscribers to this blog receive a coupon for 50% off their order of 1,000 business cards. Read the rest of this entry

Good Design: Key to Success

Design is the key fundamental factor in conveying the right message to your customers. It’s the difference between “what can you do?” and “what can you do?”. With a simple change in how the raw information appears to the reader, the perception of that information changes drastically. Take these two images for example, both containing the exact same information, but designed and displayed completley different:


If somebody were to hand you the flyer on the left, in most cases you would give them a questioning look as if to say “really?” and then toss it into the nearest trash can; only recalling it to your friends later to let them know how awful it was. On the other hand, if somebody were to hand you the flyer on the right (let’s just say electronic music is what you listen to) you would take the time to look it over and most likely spare it’s fate from the trash can and carry it with you to wherever your final destination may be to share it with your friends.

The first scenario can be easily avoided, although in many cases it’s not. When something is designed with talent and skill  like that of the staff at Lynch Printing,  you’ll never have to worry about your customers getting the wrong signal from your business. Good design is the difference between sucess and failure.

Why Printed Promotional Products Are Beneficial to Your Business (Pt. 2)

Welcome to the second installment in our 3 part series, “Why Printed Promotional Products Are Beneficial to Your Business”.  Keep reading to find out how your business can use promotional products to your advantage.


  • Promotional products go above and beyond the shelf life of the average magazine or newspaper. Printed promotional items such as magnets, when hung on a refrigerator, are a constant source of advertising to your customers. They’ll never have to ruffle through all their piles of paper trying to locate your company, get frustrated, give up, and go with the other guys, because you’re right there in front of them on a daily basis.

Revitalize Dormant Customers

  • Thousands of dollars are spent by companies every year trying to gain new customers, but one of the most commonly overlooked customers are the one’s you’ve done business with in the past who you haven’t heard from in a while. Sure, you could send them an email or give them a phone call, but if you’re really trying to get them back, send them something they can use. It’ll be appreciated by the customer and, because of the various other reasons listed in this series, give your business a better opportunity for opening a closed-door.
Ease of Use
  • Printed promotional products can be distributed anywhere, anytime, and for any occasion. Go ahead and hand out some magnets to the store down the road, or maybe give some pens to your neighbor to hand out, or maybe even give some to a doctor’s office (lot’s of traffic through there). The point is, you can advertise to potential customers without having to create a motive or incentive.

Entire Publication Library Available Online

We’ve just released our entire library of publications via our blog. You can check out the current issues here, or do a little time traveling through our archives. Also, be on the lookout for part 2 in our series “Why Printed Promotional Products are Beneficial to Your Business”.

Home Improvement Guide Online!

Just posted the very first copy of the Eastern Shore’s Home Improvement Guide online… a week and a half before it’s due to hit shelves! Check it out!

Eastern Shore’s Home Improvement Guide

You know that deck you’ve been wanting to build for a while now? Or how about that brand new tile floor you’ve been thinking of installing? Look no further than the “Eastern Shore Home Improvement Guide”, one of our newest publications set to hit the shelves July 1st. The “Home Improvement Guide” will without a doubt become your source for enhancing the quality and value of your home. Decks and floors aren’t the only things contained in this full color 24-page publication. Lighting, fences, sun rooms, hardscapes, cleaning, pools as well as interior designers are just a few of the many services that are highlighted and offered throughout the “Home Improvement Guide”. Remember to grab your copy on July 1st!

Why Printed Promotional Products Are Beneficial to Your Business (Pt. 1)

This is the first part in a three-part series on how you and your business can use printed promotional products to your advantage.

Brand Awareness

  • The more often your logo/name is out in the public eye, better the chances that they’ll buy a products associated with a name they remember, as opposed to that other company, whose name they just can’t quite seem to remember.

Multiple Exposure

  • By using printed promotional products you achieve maximum exposure to your possible customers. Try using a variety of different products to get your company’s image seen as much as possible. If a person drives by your banners on the sidewalk, see’s your posters in restaurant and writes with your pens, you can be assured they’re going to remember you.

Perceived Value

  • When you give a customer a promotional product, they perceive it be of a higher value, thus being more likley to remember your company and contact you for future business.